Gravemarkers for the Anderson Family

Hans Monson brother of Martin Anderson, Lake Center, Stanhope Hans, Bertha, Katherine Anderson grave Story City, Iowa                    Hans, Bertha, Katherine Anderson grave Story City, Iowa 001
L - R Ruth, Donald, Orloug Anderson, Haldis Monson, Stanhope, IA. Martin and Celia Anderson grave Story City, Iowa. Martin and Celia Anderson headstones behind Anderson stone.
Martin Anderson headstone Story City, Iowa. Mons Anderson Satre Lake Center Cemetery Stanhope, Iowa. Mother at grave Uncle Hans, Aunt Bertha, Katherine Story City.
Mother in front of her Anderson Grandparents grave markers 2008. Orloug Asheim (Ora Johnson Anderson) Lake Center, Stanhope, IA. St. Pauls Lutheran Church, rural Stanhope, Iowa 2008.

Grave marker notes by Barbara:

Haldis A. Monson
DODE                                                DIED
DEN                                                   THE
2 FEB 1899                                        FEB 2 1899
75 AAR GAMMEL                          75 YEAR OLD  (77 years since born in 1821)

Hans Monson
Nov. 16, 1850
June 1, 1891

Aap 13:14: Salig ere de dode som dor i Herren.      (Rev 13:14:  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord)

(There is a long text on Orlougs grave marker in Norwegian which I have not taken the time to try to do a rubbing of as I think that would be the only way to get it now. The markers get worn from the constant wind rain and snow out in the open country in Iowa, but I would like to preserve these messages if I can)