Two sisters from Norway, sisters of my Grandfather:

1.  Oline/Olena Hansen Gilbertson, born Aug 27 1844 in Garsjøen, Aurskog, Akershus, Norway.       Garsjøen farm
      Emigrated to USA from Oslo May 30 1869 on liner Imanuel to Quebeck. 
1877, Illinois, Gilbert Gilbertson, b. 1833 Norway, to USA 1867, farmer, died ca 1913. Lived 1880,
      in Jennings, Decatur, Kansas. In 1915-25 Olena was a widow and lived in Altory, Garfild, Decatur.. 
                     i    Minerva (Minnie) O. Gilbertson b. 1878, Illinois
                                   1 Harvey J Rohan b. Nov 2 1900, d. July 1978, marr. 1929 Amy L, b. 1905, d. Nov 11 2004.
                                                  Vayle Rohan b. Jun 21 1931, lived 1963-94 in Colorado Springs.
                                                  Irma Joy Neal b. Dec 30 1934, d. Apr 23 1989, Oberlin, KS.
                                    2 Emma O Rohan b. 1903 marr Loyal E Griffin b. Jan 24 1901, Kansas, d. Mar 1976, KS.
                                                  Fay M b. 1921, Lila Jean b. 1926, Donna Lou b. 1933. 
                                    3 Mable Charlotte Rohan b. 1904, marr. Elvin Lee Bailey b. Nov 23 1899, Kanona Decatur, d. Mar 15 1995, Jennings.
                                                 Geraldine b. 1923, Elmon W Bailey, b. 1925, Elwood Lee Bailey b. 1926, Francis D b. 1931.
                    ii    Hilda Gilbertson b. 1881, Kansas, marr. Eno Milton Parr b. 1879, Nebraska, d. 1920, Salt Lake, Utah.
                         The whole famliy died in a snow shed in Utah March 1920. Burried in Kanona Cementery, Decatur, Kansas.
                                        Elmer b. 1906, Kansas, d. 1920 
                                        Herold b. 1916, d. 1920.
                   iii   Gerda Gilberson b. 1885, Kansas,
 d. 1959,  Kanona Kansas, marr. Gilbert Patmon, b. feb 1884, West Virg.        

2.  Lina/Lena Hansen Tappan, born 8 Feb 1847 in Garsjøen, Aurskog, Akershus, Norway, marr. John R. Tappan b. 1841.
     Emigrated to USA from Oslo Apr 13 1870 on liner Edda to Milwaukee. Lived 1886 in Lodge Pole, Cheyenne, Nebraska,
     moved 1910 to Fourth Plains, Clark, Washington, d. 1936, Manor, Clark,.         
Ahnentafel for Lena
                 i    John Rosco Tappan, b. Apr 1888, Nebraska, marr. Hedvig Pauline Anderson b. 1898, Nebraska,

                                   Audrey R. Tappan, b. 1928, Clark, Washington
                                   Ralph Dale Tappan, b. 1930, Manor, Clark, Washington, d. 2008, Vancouver.
                    ii    Mary E. Waner, 1889, Nebraska, marr. Fred Waner b. 1883, Iowa, lived 1940 in Cherry, Nebraska.
                                   Ervin C. Waner, b. 1910, Cherry, Nebraska.


                    Is this the home of Lena/Mary in Crookstone, Nebraska. (Cherry County) ?                                                                                         Is this a photo of Mary (Marie)??
     Postcard from Marie in Crookstone after she had been visiting Dina & family in Faaberg, Norway, ca. 1920.

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