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NB: Each person has a number. The father has twice that number. The mother has the next number, (odd numbers). 


                              Joe Ann Anderson married to Arnie  

We have no mountains, very few hills, very few lakes in Iowa, but we have the prairie in places people have restored or preserved it. This wildflower prairie in the photo is on land Aunt Nina (your third cousin) and Uncle Jim own in north east Iowa near Decorah. When settlers came to Iowa this is the sort of prairie they would have found, thus the need for Conestoga wagons to travel across the land. (Photo 2008 by Barbara)  


6.  Emil (Johan) John  Anderson I, born 3 Dec 1895 Hamilton County, Iowa USA, Christened 1 Jan 1896 St. Paul's Lutheran Church, rural Stanhope, Iowa USA. Married Ruth Minnie Glasscock, 8 Oct 1924, Algona, Iowa USA. Died 15 Dec 1971, Story City, Iowa USA.
 Buried 18 Dec 1971, Lake Center Cemetery, rural Stanhope, Iowa USA.

              Emil John Anderson (preWWI) at Stanhope farm, The home place, IA.                Emil WWI photo at parents, Story City, IA.

      He was in France during World War I. He did not have much to say about it and was in hospital much of the time due to the need to recover from mustard gas. He was in the trenches as the war ended.  Emil was very proud of his Norwegian heritage. I remember him saying little things like - "..ten thousand Swedes ran through the weeds chased by one Norwegian...".  He always said a prayer in Norwegian for our family Thanksgiving dinner.
 Emil was a great listener of the radio. As the World Series began, Grandfather would be certain all harvesting on the farm was done as all farm tasks came to a halt so he and the family could listen to the World Series. He had certain radio programs he listened to every night and my aunts tell me that was the focus of the evening after supper and after Grandmother had read to the family from a novel for 15 minutes before the radio programs began.  (Told by Barbara).                


           Zada                      Albert Maurice (Maurice)
      Donald                   Iris            
      Emil John (John)     Faye
      Joe Ann                 Nina         
     Charles                   Julie Ora (Julie)
      Lois                       Ruth

Uncle Charlie and L - R, his sisters Joe, Iris, Faye, Julie, Neva, 2005

7.     Ruth M. Glasscock, Born 11 Aug 1906, Grundy Center, Grundy County, Iowa USA, Christened 6 Nov 1925 Armstrong, Iowa USA.
      Died 21 Jan 1978 at farm home, rural Stanhope, Hamilton County, Iowa USA. Buried 28 May 1979 Lake Center Cemetery,
      rural Stanhope, Iowa USA. Father David L. Glasscock, mother Lucretia Blanch Gilbert.


12.  Martin (Mathias) Anderson, b. Feb 11, 1855, Saetre farm, Gulen, Norway, chr. 18 Mar 1855, Brekke Church, marr. USA, 23 Dec 1883, Orloug Johannesdaughter Asheim, d. 18 Apr 1931, bur. Fairview cem., Story City, IA. He emmigrated with his brother Mons from Bergen to USA Apr 29, 1879 on the .Cunard Linie. After Orloug had died in 1900 he married Celia Langland (Langeland) on Apr 29, 1905 and got daughters Kathrine and Gladys. Celia was a seamstress before marrying Martin.
  Recently I heard an Iowa historian speak about the Iowa Governor Harding of the early 1800's who outlawed speaking or writing Norwegian, or anything other than English. Apparently people were jailed if found doing this, so the historian said the Norwegians simply had church services that were all singing hymns in Norwegian! I knew I came from a smart bunch! (Told by Barbara).

Martin Anderson and Orloug in USA.                                                                       Martin Anderson Homestead, Hamilton County, Iowa, USA.

                                a. Albert Johan, b. 29 Nov 1883, Hamilton Co., IA, d. 9 Jan 1952, unmd.
                                b. Bertha Louise, b. 10 Jul 1885, chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA, d. 16 Apr 1887
                                c. Hans, b. 16 Jan 1887,  chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA, d. 28 Jul 1965, unmd.
                                d. Bertha Louise, b. 12 NOV 1888, chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA, unmd. She was a
                                     caretaker/nanny for children of State of Iowa government officials in Des Moines.
                                e. Marie Josephine, b. 24 Feb 1891, chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA, d. 20 May 1953.
                                    Marr. 26 Feb 1915, Arthur J. Anderson.  Children:
                                                                                                       Opal Walther
                                                                                                        J. Carroll Anderson (01.06.23 - 09.02.07)
                                                                                                        Merlin Anderson.
                                f.  Julia Olina, b. 26 JUL 1893, chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA, d. 2 Sep 1963
                                              Marr. 29 Oct 1927, Emil Larson. No children.
                 6.            g. Emil Johan, b. 3 Dec 1895, chr, St. Paul's, near Standhope, IA.

                                              Marr. 8 Oct 1924, Ruth M. Glasscock.

                      Children with Celia:
                                       Katherine was an elementary school teacher. She taught in Germany and later in Sioux City.
                                                    As a widow Celia moved 
to Sioux City to live with her. 
                                i.  Gladys.
  She was married with children, but left Iowa.

 13.  Ora (Orloug) Johannesdaughter Asheim, f. 8 MAR 1859, Asheim, d. 3 Dec 1900, bur. Lake Center cem., Hamilton, IA. She emigrated 4 May, 1881, from Bergen on the National Linie.  
 Orloug died from exposure to a contageous disease that she contracted when she went to care for the farmers' children across the road from the homestead she and her husband had in Hamilton County, Iowa. The neighbors' mother had died from the disease as well, and the father needed help with the children. The disease may have been tuberculosis. She died on her son Emil (Johan) John Andersons' 5th birthday. She has always been a mythical family member because she died when grandpa was so young he had very little memory of her. (Told by Barbara).

           Celia and Martin, 1905                           Martin and Celia's home 917 Elm Story City, Iowa
     Gravemarkers of the Family


24.  Anders Monssen Takle, b. 4 Aug1816, marr. 5 OCT 1844, Brekke Church, Gulen, Norway, Haldis Andersdaughter. Anders died 5 NOV 1875, Saetre, Gulen, Norway. He got in 1845 the place Skaara under Saetre farm from Johannes Ivarsen Saetre.          Descendants     Etterkommere
Anders was probably the first farmer on the place Skaara and obviously the one who built cottage and barn of timber. Cellars were used for the livestock that
 would warm the house during winters. Remaining foundation walls show that the house had been expanded several times and that it contained at least two rooms.

    In the 1865 census there were 6 persons at Skaara:  Anders Monson 50 years, wife Haldis Johannesdtr. 34, and the sons: Mathias 11 years, Aslak 8, and Hans 4. 
They had 3 cows, 9 cheeps and the harvest was ½ barrel oats and ½ barrel potatoes.

   The census of 31 Dec 1875 shows 2 persons at Sætre. Haldis Johannnesdtr. Sætre, "Housewife, widow with land", b. 1822 and Hans Andersen, son, b. 1862. They had 4 cows and 12 sheep and the harvest in 1875 was 3/8 barrel of mixed grain and 1 barrel of potatoes. Alslak, b. 1858, was working and spent the nights at Sætre farm (Matr. lpnr. 31.0). Mathias, b. 1855, and Synøve, b. 1848, were working and spent the nights at Asheim farm (Matr. lpnr. 38).

    In 1900 there were 5 persons at Skaara: Johannes Larson b. 1848 Eivindvik, wife Synneva Andersdtr. b. 1847, and children: Albert Johan b. 1886, Bendik b. 1892 and
Andrine b. 1877. Crops were grain, potatoes, and they had livestock.

                         a.  Martha b. 3 Dec 1844, chr. 15 Dec Brekke Church. Lived at the farm Asheim (lpnr. 38) where she was marr. Jan 16
                              1871 to farmer and widower Tor Iversen Asheim. Martha died 8 Jun 1898, Asheim.
                                          i.  Anna Toresdatter, b. 11 Mar 1871, Asheim.
                                         ii.  Hans Olai Toresen, b. 14 Jun 1872, Asheim.
                                        iii.  Allette Henrikke Toresdatter, b. 8 Oct 1876, Asheim.
                                        iv.  Nils Toresen,  b. 6 Mar 1878, Asheim.
                                         v.  Malene Toresdattter b. 2 Feb 1882, Asheim. Lived in Fana, near Bergen.
                         b.  Synneve b. 25 Sep 1848, chr.1 Oct Brekke Church, marr. 29 Oct 1875, Johannes Larsen. Napsholmen, b.1849, 
                              Eivindvik, d. ca. 1940, got 1876 the place Skaara at Saetre. Synneve d. 1932.
                                            i. Andrine Hansine Johannesdatter, b. 14 Aug 1877, Skaara. 
                                            ii. Johan Annanias Johannessen, b. 12 Jul 1878, Skaara.
                                           iii. Ludvig Johannessen, b. 18 Jan 1880, Skaara, marr. 20 Nov 1904, Botilde Hansdatter Indre Oppedal
                                                (lpnr 23),  b. 4 Dec 1880. They lived in Gulen..
                                           iv. Bertine Malene Johannesdatter, b. 26 Dec 1883, Skaara.
                                           v. Albert Johan Johannessen, b. 21 Apr 1885, Skaara.
                                           vi. Sjur Joakhim Johannessen, b. 4 Nov 1886, Skaara. Bought 1914 a farm in Åsane near Bergen.
                                          vii. Haldis Johannesdatter, b. 25 Apr 1888, Skaara, d. 10 Jan 1893.
                                          viii. Bendik Johannesen, b. 22 Feb 1892, Skaara, d. 4 Aug 1907 (drowned).

                                                                Johannes with children (f. l.):  Sjur, Bertine, Andrine.
                                                                                       Photo: Nordland ca 1920.   From Ref. 3.

                         c.  Johannes (Hans Monson) b. 23 Mar 1850, chr. 28 Mar Brekke Church, to USA where he was marr. to widow Ingeborg Hansdatter
                              Vaereide, b. Sep 26, 1844.  Hans Monson d. 1 Jun 1891, USA.
                         d.  Mons b. 2 Oct 2 1852, to USA 29 April 1879 on Cunard Linie.
        12             e.  Mathias b. 11 Feb 1855, chr. 25 Feb Brekke Church, to USA.29 April 1879 on Cunard Linie. See above.
                         f.  Aslak b. 10 Jan 1858, chr. 31 Jan, (chr. at home by Ole Iversen Saetre). To USA on National Linie
                             19 April 1881. Returned to Norway.
                         g.  Hans b. 9 Feb 1862, chr. 9 Feb Brekke Church, to USA.

25.  Haldis Johannesdtr. Sætre, b. 24 Apr 1821, Ytre Oppedal, Gulen, Norway, chr. 3 May Brekke Church. After her husband died in 1875
         she was running the farm until her son-in-law took over in 1876. 5 Nov 1877 she got a 5 year contract worth Nkr 170 to stay at the farm,
         emigrated from Bergen 13 May, 1885, on the National Linie. She d. 2 Feb 1899, Iowa. bur. together with Orloug.
   Haldis   (Ref.3)
    Aslak (Ref. 3)

                                          Saetre    (Ref. 3)
                                Saetre.   Photo Aug. 2009 by Barbara

                                Asheim 1913     (Ref. 3)

          The farms at Saetre in 1944.  Skaara on top of photo.

Wedding party on the way to Brekke Church in 1922. Saetre farms
in  the background,  Asheim to the right of picture. 

                                           The farms at Asheim in 1944

       Sjur was the last farmer at Skåra. He moved with his parents in 1915 to Hordvik near Bergen. The house was sold and rebuilt at Vik in the Sogne fjord. Remaining stones of the foundation walls at Skåra can still be found. They had a magnificent view over Brekke and the fjord. ("If one could live on the view they would never have left", from Ref. 2).

                           View from Skaara.  Cover photo of Ref. 2.
            Foundations at Skaara.   Photo Aug 2009 by Barbara

26.  Johannes Olson Asheim, b. 28 Apr 1835, Asheim, Brekke, Gulen, Norway, farmer, marr. 5 Aug 1859, Brita Lassedatter. Traedal, chr.  Brekke Church.  Johannes d. 30 AUG 1927, Asheim. In 1858 he got a part of the Asheim farm (lpnr 35)

      13       a.  Orloug Johannesdatter, b. 8 Mar 1859.
                 b.  Else Johannesdatter, b. 4 Feb 1863, chr. 8 Feb Brekke Church. Lived at Bruås, Lavik, where she marr. her cousin Ivar
                      Lassesen Bruås, b. 1871, (parents: farmer Lasse Aslaksen and Randi Olsdatter).
                 c.  Ole Johannesen, chr. 21 Jan 1866 Brekke Church.                       
  Nille (Nela) Johannesdtr., b. 29 Dec 1868, chr.6 Jan Brekke Church. Lived at Myking at Rød. Marr. 9 Apr 1892
                      teacher Nils Nilssen Østerbø who died at young age of  blood poisoning.
                                        i. Nils Thorvald, b. 28 Oct 1892, Rød in Myking, from 1922 teacher at Hylvikvåg, Osterøy. Not marr. in 1934.
                                       ii. Borghild
                                      iii. Agnes
                                      iv. Norvald   

                 e.  Hermund Olai Johannesen, b. 22 Oct 1872,.chr. 3 Nov Brekke Church, d. 1933. Lived at Indre Oppedal where he 1896 marr.
                      his cousin Orloug Torkelsdtr. Oppedal, b. 28 Nov 1867, d. 1963 (parents: farmer Torkel Knutsen and Marie Olsdtr. Indre
                      Oppedal). In 1915 he moved to the place Furehaug-teigen in Lavik. 2 foster children, Sigurd and Ragnvald..                                

27.  Brita Lassesdtr. Trædal, b. 1 Mar 1830, Traedal farm, Høyanger County, Norway, chr.: 5 MAR, 1830, Lavik Church., d. 10 FEB 1900, Asheim.. 


48.  Mons Aslaksen, b. 2 Aug 1783 Indre Takle, Gulen Norway. marr. 9 Jun 1816 Magnhild Jonsdtr. Hauge. Lived on the place
        Botnen (lpnr. 78), Hovlandsvaag, Hyllestad, then Brosvik in Evindvik and finally Skaara, Saetre.

49.  Magnhild Jonsdtr., b. 1778 Hauge farm, Eivindvik, Gulen, Norway, Chr 27 Sep 1778, Gulen.

50.  Johannes Monsen, b. 7 Mar 1794, Haugland, Gulen, marr. Synneva Hansdtr. Oppedal. In 1820 he got the place Vellene (Vollene).
25         a.  Haldis Johannesdtr., b. 24 Apr 1821, Ytre Oppedal, Gulen, Norway.
                      b. Sigrid Johannesdtr., b. ca. 1826, Ytre Oppedal, Gulen, Norway.

51.  Synneva Hansdtr., b. 21 Apr 1794, Ytre Oppedal farm, Oppedal, Gulen, Norway.

52.  Ole Hermundsen Asheim, b. 1802, Asheim, d.  5 Jun 1877. Marr. 14 Oct 1832, Orloug Johannesdtr..
          In 1832 he got leasehold on Asheim, lpnr 35.

                 a. Randi Olsdattter, b. 22 Oct 1832. Lived at Bruås, Lavik, marr. 1 Jul 1854 Lasse Aslaksen Galten, b. 1827
                     (parents: farmer Aslak Lassesen and Brita Hansdattter, Galten in Gulen).
 26            b.  Johannes Olsen, b. 28 Apr 1835.
                 c.  Hermund Olsen, b. 23 Nov 1837, .lost at sea 18 Dec 1857.
                 d.  Bendik Olsen, b. 30 Jan 1839, marr. 15 Jul 1867 Botilde Jensdtr. Instefjord. Both 1867 to USA.
                 e.  Marie Olsdtr., b. 1 Aug 1841, marr. Torkel Knutsen Indre Oppedal. (lpnr 21b).
                 f.  Martha Olsdtr., b. 5 Mai 1843, lived in USA.
                 g.  Gjert Olsen, b. 11 Feb 1845. Lived at the place Lia at Yndisdal, Gulen. Marr 12 Oct 1872 Agathe Olsdtr. 
                      Yt. Brekke, b. 21 Nov 1837 (parents: Ola Lassesen and Ingeborg Yt. Brekke (lpnr 68)).

53. Orloug Johannesdtr. Asheim, b. 1802, d. 10 Jan 1867.

54.  Lasse Nilssen Traedal (Store-Lassen) b. SEP 1804, Trædal, chr: 29 SEP 1804, Lavik Church, (Testes: "Siur Lassesøn, Lasse Olssøn, Carl Olssøn and Ingeborg Lasses Dtr. Trædal, Anders Anderssøn Madsnæsberg"), farmer, marr. 28 JUN, 1827, Else Torkelsdtr.. Oppedal,  Lasse died 9 FEB 1893, Trædal.
 Lasse was a famous fiddle player at weddings and celebrations along the Sogne fjord. It is told that his youngest son Sjur, a teacher and parich clerk, forbid him   to do such things. Coming home one summer it was said that he smashed the fiddle to pieces when he heard that his father had been playing again.

                a.  Torkel Lassesen,  b. 10 Jan 1828, chr. 13 Jan Lavik Church, farmer, marr. 4 JUN 1856, Brita Torkelsdtr. Østerbø, b.
                     1833, Østerbø, (daughter of Torkjel Nilsson Østerbø and Ingeborg Einarsdtr. Torvund), d. 1878, Trædal.
                     Torkel died 8 May 1897, Trædal. 8 children.
  27          b.  Brita Lassesdtr.,  b. 1 MAR 1830.
                c.  Nela Lassesdtr. Trædal,  b. 24 MAR 1833, Trædal, d. 27 FEB 1848 Trædal of nervous fever.
                d.  Mari Lassesdtr., b. 23 Dec 1835, Ytre Trædal, chr. 24 Dec1835, Lavik Church, marr. 28 JUN 1860,
                      Lasse Johannessen Trædal, b. 1830, Indre Trædal, farmer 1861-76, d. 1876,  Stigestrand, Bø, Hyllestad.
                      Mari died 13 APR 1912, Stigestrand, Hyllestad. 2 children.
                e.  Nils Lassesen Trædal, b. 13 SEP 1838, chr. 30 SEP 1838, Lavik Church, farmer, marr. 15 JUL 1867, Gjertrud Karlsdtr.
                      Gjerde, b. 19 SEP 1826, Gjerde, d. 30 JUN 1912, Gjerde, Oppedal Indre. Nils died 26 May 1926, Gjerde. One child.
                f.  Hans Lassesen Trædal, b. 22 JUN 1841, chr.23 JUN, Lavik Church, farmer Brekka, marr. 8 APR 1877, Kari Ivarsdtr.
                     Oppedal, b. 1854, Oppedal Indre, d. 1938, Bilsbakke. Hans died 28 DEC 1928, Bilsbakke, Lavikdalen. 8 children.
                g.  Sjur Lassesen, b. 14 APR 1844,  chr.17 APR, Lavik Church, teacher, parich clerck, marr. (1) 18 APR 1870, Gjertrud
                      Torkelsdtr.Østerbø, b. 24 JUL 1846, Østerbø, chr. 26 JUL, Lavik Church, (daughter of  Torkjel Nilsson Østerbø and
                      Ingeborg Einarsdtr.Torvund), d. 17 JUN 1902, Oslo,  marr. (2) 18 JUL 1903, Lukredsia Andriasdtr. Østerbø, b. 2 FEB
                     1855, Østerbø, chr. 11 MAR, Lavik Church, (daughter of Andrias Nilsson Raa and Johanne Hansdtr. Østerbø) d. 9 May
                      1927, Oslo. Sjur died 9 FEB 1929, Oslo. 11 children.
                 h.  Else Lassesdtr. Trædal, b. 1 OCT 1847, Trædal, d. 11 NOV 1847, Trædal. 

       Store-Lassen                                      Traedal farm around 1895. The Sogne fjord in the background                                  The new Farmhouse (In 1974, buildt around 1898)
                                                                       Painting by Hilda Trædal Ullestad

55.  Else Torkelsdtr., b. 28 DEC 1805, Oppedal, Gulen, chr.: 2 JAN, 1806, Brekke Church, ("Døpt i Brekke Torkilds Monssøn og Mari Torsteinsdtr. Indre Oppedals Datter. Testes: Hans Olssøn, Elling Knudssøn, Lasse Henrikssøn; Torsten Pedersøn og Lisbeth Monsdtr. Indre Oppedal"). Else died 28 SEP, 1888, Traedal.

                                                                                  3. great-grandparents

96.   Aslak Guttormsen Oppedal, b. 01 Jan 1747, Indre Oppedal (lpnr 20), chr.19 Feb, marr. 1777 Ingeborg Monsdtr. Raae, bur. 27 May 1806. Bought the farm Indre Takle (lpnr. 70), 4 Oct 1777.

97.   Ingeborg Monsdtr. Raae, b. 1753 Raae, Lavik,, chr.17 MAR 1753, Lavik Church, d. 20 JAN 1828, Indre Takle.

98.   Joen Ivarsen, marr. Anna Jacobsdtr..

99.   Anna Jacobsdtr. Hauge..

100.  Mons Iversen Haugland, b.1758, d. ca. 1820, marr. 19 MAI 1816, Brita Johannesdtr. Oppedal. Lived at the place Quam, (Ytre Oppedal, lpnr.29).

101.   Brita Johannesdtr. Oppedal, b.1759, d. 1 Feb 1801, Quam, Ytre Oppedal.

102.   Hans Olsen, marr. 7 MAR 1794, Aase Olsdtr..

103.   Aase Olsdtr..

104.   Hermund Johannesen Asheim, b. 1766, marr. 5 Jul 1795 Marie Olsdtr. Saetre, d. 5 Jun 1847, 

105.  Marie Olsdtr. Saetre, b. 1772, d. 11 Mar 1863, Asheim.

106.  Johannes Pedersen Dale, b. 1774, Dale, Kyrkjeboe, marr. 17 Jun 1798, Randi Rognaldsdtr., d. 15 Dec 1834, Asheim.

107.  Randi Rognaldsdtr. Asheim, b. 1769, Asheim, d. 20 Oct 1848, Asheim.

108. Nils Johannessen Grøneng, b. AUG 1776, Esefjorden, Balestrand, chr.: 01 SEP 1776, Tjugum Church, skipper, farmer, marr. 12 JUN 1803, Brekke Church, Brita Sjursdtr., b. NOV 1764, chr.: 30 NOV 1764, Brekke Church, d. 1840, Ytre Trædal. Nils died 29 JAN 1833, Trædal. Bought the farm Ytre Trædal (gnr. 114, bruk 1) 14 Jul 1820. "Trolovelse til Ægteskab" 19 APR 1803 in Lavik Church. ("Testes: Hans Aamundsen: grøneng, Biørn Jonsen: Gibse?, Kari Toralds D. Tiugum, Magdali HansD.: ibid? Durdej Mads D.: grøneng.")
   Brita is said to be far from beautiful, but as a widows on a farm very attractiv to young men. Nils Groeneng was skipper on a sailing vessel carrying birchwood and other farm products to Bergen. One day around 1802 it is told that he anchored up beneath the farm Traedal and jumped overboard. Dripping wet he went the steep hill up to the widow and asked for help. Luckily then, his, as well as our fortune was made.

109. Brita Sjursdtr., b. NOV 1764, chr.: 30 NOV 1764, Brekke Church, marr. (1) 1799, Lasse Sjurson Trædal, b. 1770, Ytre Trædal, farmer, d. 27 DEC 1801, (lost at sea on the way to Brekke Church to invite people to a christening of his child which died at birth), marr. (2) 12 JUN 1803, Brekke Church, Nils Johannessen Grøneng, b. AUG 1776, Esefjorden, Balestrand. Brita died 1840, Ytre Trædal. ("Indledt i Lavik 13 FEB 1802 Lasse Siursøn Ytre Trædals Ænke Siurs D. med? et dødfødt Pikebarn"). ("Døbt Sjur Brecke's Børn Nom: Birthe, Tests Claus et al, Hermana, Hans, Tor, Synneva Brecke -").

110. Torkel Monsson, b. 1780, Indre Oppedal, marr. 27 JUN 1802, Marie Torstensdtr.. Torkel died 3 JAN 1809, lived at Indre Oppedal (lpnr. 19). Lost at sea on the way to Lavik where he should meet 3 Jan 1809 together with Peder Lasseson Tynning. Rowing men Ivar Monssen Instefjord and Ole Lassesen Instefjord were also lost. (Strong side winds could suddenly appear in the fjord and many people lost their lives).

111. Marie Torstensdtr., b. 1778, chr.: 27 MAR 1778.

                                                                             4. great-grandparents

192. Guttorm Lasseson Oppedal, b. 1698, Oppedal, marr. 11 NOV 1739, Orloug Hendrichsdtr., b. ca. 1714, bur. 10 MAI 1811, Indre Oppedal. Guttorm died 1777, Oppedal, bur. 20 MAI 1777, lived at: Indre Oppedal (lpnr. 20). Owner of the farm was kanselliråd Bager in Bergen, later on parish clerk Niels Bager in Lindås.

193. Orloug Hendrichsdtr., b. ca. 1714, bur.: 10 MAI 1811, Indre Oppedal. (Bur. 97 years old).

194. Mons Olsen Raae, marr. 15 JUL 1741, Giertrud Olsdtr., Raae.

195. Giertrud Olsdtr. Raae.

208. Johannes Claussen Indre Takle, b. 1724, marr. 4 Jun 1756, Marita Gullaksdtr., d. 1801. (In 1758 he was brought to court by his neightbour Mathias Lassesen Asheim for scolding him: "... a villain and swindler in brand and measure" at the time when Johannes came to Asheim. Confirmed by 2 witnesses. He got a fine of 5 riksdaler ( rdl) to the treasures of the king and 1 rdl. to Mathias for court expences ) 

209. Marita Gullaksdtr. Ytre Oppedal, b. 1729, d. 1804, bur. 19 May 1804.

210. Ole Rognaldsen Asheim, marr. Marie Nilsdtr., lived at Saetre (lpnr 30).

211. Marie Nilsdtr. Instefjord, b. 1755, d. 1827.

214. Rognald Nilssen Saeboe, b. ca. 1745, Saeboe, Kyrkjeboe, marr. Orloug Larsdtr. Aamodt, d. May 1798, Asheim.

215.  Orloug Larsdtr. Aamodt, b. 1743, Aamodt, Bygstad, Gaular, d. 1782, Asheim.

216. Johannes Nilsen Grøneng, marr. 1767, Else Olsdtr. Nesse; Balestrand, Hoeyanger. He came from Indre-Nesse and got lease of Grøneng 1770 which he had to ca. 1780 when he got a place at Tjugum, Balestrand, Høyanger. Died before 1801.

217. Else Olsdtr. Nesse, b. ca. 1746, d. after 1801, Tjugum, Balestrand.

218. Sjur Olson Wirchland, b. 1719, Verkland, chr.: 5 JUL 1719, farmer, marr. 1745, Haldis Lassesdtr. Brecke, b. 1725, Brekke indre, d. 1805, bur.: 22 AUG 1805. Sjur died 1786, Fram-Brekke, Gulen

219. Haldis Lassesdtr. Brecke, b. 1725, Brekke indre, d. 1805, bur.: 22 AUG 1805.

220. Mons Lasseson, b. 1742, Indre Oppedal, marr. 9 JUL 1769, Else Torkelsdtr., b. 1749, Indre Oppedal, d. 1812, bur.: 31 MAR 1812. Mons died 12 DEC 1822, Indre Oppedal, bosted: Indre Oppedal (lpnr. 19). Got lease contract in 1762. Had the farm 1783-1802.

221. Else Torkelsdtr., b. 1749, Indre Oppedal, d. 1812, bur.: 31 MAR 1812.

222. Torsten Ivarsen Engesæter, b. 1735, Engesæter, chr.: 04 NOV 1735, marr. Sigrid Larsdtr. Oppedal. Torsten died 1813.

223. Sigrid Larsdtr. Oppedal.

                                                                  5. great-grandparents

384. Lasse Colbeinson, b. ca. 1670, Oppedal, marr. Lisbet Guttormsdtr.. Lasse farmer at Indre Oppedal (lpnr. 25).

385. Lisbet Guttormsdtr., marr. (1) Lasse Colbeinson, b. ca. 1670, Oppedal,  marr. (2) Anders Larsson Oppedal, b. 1640, Oppedal Indre, farmer, d. 1705, Oppedal.

386. Hendrich Iversen, marr. Siri Aslachsdtr..

387. Siri Aslachsdtr..

416. Claus Hermundsen Takle, b. 1668, Indre Takle (lpnr. 69), d. 1749, marr. 1706, Kari Johannesdtr. Asheim..

417 Kari Johannesdtr. Asheim, b. 1685, Asheim, d. 1767.

420. Rognald Endresen Asheim, marr. Gjertrud Olsdtr., lived at Asheim, lpnr. 35.

421. Gjertrud Olsdtr..

422. Nils Thoresen Assemb, b. 1668, d. 1754, marr. 1735 (3x) Kari Gullaksdtr. Asheim..Got lease contract 21 Sep 1709 on Instefjord (lpnr. 43),

423. Kari Gullaksdtr. Asheim, b. 1709

432. Nils Ellingson Søreide, b. Søreide, marr. 1734, Sigrid Johannesdtr. Kvist.

433. Sigrid Johannesdtr. Kvist.

434. Ole Andersen Næsse, marr. Gjertrud Monsdtr. Østerbø, lived at Nessane, Balestrand.

435. Gjertrud Monsdtr. Østerbø.

436. Ola Jonson Wirchland, b. 1685, Verkland, farmer, assistant of the vicar, marr. (1) 1711, Kari Hansdtr. Breche, b. 1690, Fram-Brekke, (lpnr 65), d. 1741, Verkland, Lived at Verkland (lpnr. 49), marr. (2) 1743, Brita Halvorsdtr. Fjeldsende, b. 1707, d. 1794. Ola died 1771, Verkland, bur.: 1 JAN 1772, Verkland (lpnr. 49). Bought 25/6-1718 lpnr. 49 of Mrs. Dorothea Bager. Often elected by the bailiff as juryman. In 1723 appointed as a member of the land register commision. In many years churchwarden and assistant of the vicar. Had the farm 1714-71.

437. Kari Hansdtr. Breche, b. 1690, Fram-Brekke (lpnr 65), d. 1741, Verkland, lived at Verkland (lpnr. 49).

438. Lasse Lasseson Nessie, b. ca. 1662, Nesje, Bø, farmer, marr. (2) 1719, Rakel Andersdtr. Massnes, b. 1693, Massnes, d. 1764, Brekke, marr. (3) 1700, Haldis Hansdtr. Breche, b. 1681, Brekke, d. 1718, Brekke. Lasse died 1741, Brekke. Got lease 1720 of lpnr. 66 of presiding judge  N. Kragh. Reduksjon i matrikkelen p g a elveskade i 1700. Had the farm from 1700. Marr. (1)  Haldis Hansdtr. Brekke Indre, b. 1681, d. 1718.

439. Rakel Andersdtr. Massnes, b. 1693, Massnes, d. 1764, Brekke.

440. Lasse Monsson b. 1717, Indre Oppedal, marr. 1739, Anna Gullaksdtr., b. 1720, Ytre Oppedal, d. 1803. Lasse died 1788, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 19. Fikk bygselbrev 1743 of futen i Sogn Peder Leganger. Kjøpte bruket of futens enke i 1751 for 310 rdl.

441. Anna Gullaksdtr. b. 1720, Ytre Oppedal, d. 1803.

442. Torkel Ivarson Oppedal b. 1708, Oppedal Indre, marr. 9 JUL 1737, Brita Monsdtr. Østerbø, b. 1712, Østerbø, d. 1793, Oppedal, bosted: Oppedal. Torkel died 1774.

443. Brita Monsdtr. Østerbø b. 1712, Østerbø, d. 1793, Oppedal, bosted: Oppedal.

444. Ivar Gullakson Engesæter b. 1699, marr. 1732, Marie Klausdtr. Indre Takle, b. 1713, Takle Indre, d. 1794. Ivar died 1773.

445. Marie Klausdtr. Indre Takle b. 1713, Takle Indre, d. 1794.

446. Lasse Monsson (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 9) b. 1717, Indre Oppedal, marr. 1739, Anna Gullaksdtr., b. 1720, Ytre Oppedal, d. 1803. Lasse died 1788, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 19.

447. Anna Gullaksdtr. (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 9) b. 1720, Ytre Oppedal, d. 1803.

6. tipp-oldeforeldre

770. Guttorm Colbeinson b. 1624, Oppedal, d. 1705, lived at Oppedal Indre (lpnr. 24 and 25). Had the farm 1667-95.

832. Hermund Henriksen Takle, b. 1631, Indre Takle lpnr 69, d. 1714, marr. Brita Clausdtr. Brecke.

833. Brita Clausdtr. Brecke, b. 1650, Brekke, d. 1726, Indre Takle.

846. Gullak Johannesen Assem, b  Asheim (lpnr 32), marr. Sigrid Rognaldsdtr. Asheim.

847. Sigrid Rognaldsdtr. Asheim.

864. Nils Ellingsen.

866. Johannes Hansen b. ca. 1650.

868. Anders Andersen Tjugum b. ca. 1688, Tjugum, farmer, sheriff, marr. Brita Knutsdtr. Næsse. Anders died 1749, lived at Tjugum. 12 years old in 1701, lived at Tyom and Grøneng.

869. Brita Knutsdtr. Næsse.

870. Mons Torbergson Grøneng b. 1676, Grøneng, yrke: gårdbruker, marr. 1705, Else Hermundsdtr., b. 1678, Bruhjel, d. 1740, Østerbø, bosted: Østerbø. Mons died 1745, bosted: Østerbø. Kjøpte Østerbøgården (Br. 1, Torkjellgården) i 1720. 28 år gml. i 1701 og "født i sognet".

871. Else Hermundsdtr. b. 1678, Bruhjel, d. 1740, Østerbø, bosted: Østerbø.

872. Jon Olson yrke: Leilending, marr. (2) 1679, Ingeborg Bendiksdtr. Yndesdal, b. ca. 1650, Yndesdal, d. 1733, Verkland, bur.: 13 SEP 1733. Jon died 1699, Verkland, bosted: Verkland, br. 49.

873. Ingeborg Bendiksdtr. Yndesdal b. ca. 1650, Yndesdal, d. 1733, Verkland, bur.: 13 SEP 1733.

874. Hans Claussen Breche b. 1660, Brekke, marr. (1) Kari Monsdtr. Wircheland, marr. (2) 1680, Orloug Matiasdtr. Wircheland, b. 1651, Verkland, d. 1711, Brekke, marr. (3) 1712, Anna Jonsdtr., b. 1683, Verkland, d. 1762, Brekke, bosted: Fram-Brekke lpnr. 65. Hans died 1720, Brekke, bosted: Fram-Brekke lpnr. 65. Kirkeverge 1699-1719, ofte lagrettemann og prestens medhjelper. Stamfar til J. C. Dahl. Fikk bykselbrev på bruket i 1720 of lagm. Knag (senere Knagenhielm).

875. Orloug Matiasdtr. Wircheland b. 1651, Verkland, d. 1711, Brekke.

876. Lasse Lasseson b. ca. 1630.

878. Anders Ivarson Massnes b. ca. 1660, Massnes, yrke: gårdbr., marr. Brita Eilevsdtr. Ytterbrecke, b. Brekke, bosted: Brekke Ytre lpnr. 68. Anders died 1709, Brekke.

879. Brita Eilevsdtr. Ytterbrecke b. Brekke, bosted: Brekke Ytre lpnr. 68.

880. Mons Johannesson b. 1678, Indre Oppedal, marr. 1703, Randi Iversdtr., b. 1670, Indre Oppedal, d. 1753. Mons died 1739.

881. Randi Iversdtr. b. 1670, Indre Oppedal, d. 1753.

882. Gullak Torsteinson Engesæter b. 1662, Engesæter, marr. 1693, Siri Iversdtr. Indre Brekke, b. ca. 1667, Brekke, d. 1737. Gullak died 1742.

883. Siri Iversdtr. Indre Brekke b. ca. 1667, Brekke, d. 1737.

884. Ivar (Iffuer) Guttormson Oppedal b. 1666, Oppedal Indre, yrke: leilending, marr. Karen Andersdtr. Oppedal, b. 1678, Oppedal, d. 1764, bosted: Oppedal Indre lpnr. 18. Ivar died 1735, bosted: Oppedal Indre lpnr. 18. Hadde først bruket lpnr. 24 etter faren Guttorm Colbeinson. Da han died i 1705 flyttet de til konas farsgård lpnr. 18 som var større. Futen i Sogn, Ivar Andersson Leganger eide dette bruk.

885. Karen Andersdtr. Oppedal b. 1678, Oppedal, d. 1764, bosted: Oppedal Indre lpnr. 18.

886. Mons Torbergson Grøneng (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 10) b. 1676, Grøneng, yrke: gårdbruker, marr. 1705, Else Hermundsdtr., b. 1678, Bruhjel, d. 1740, Østerbø, bosted: Østerbø. Mons died 1745, bosted: Østerbø.

887. Else Hermundsdtr. (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 10) b. 1678, Bruhjel, d. 1740, Østerbø, bosted: Østerbø.

888. Gullak Torsteinson Engesæter (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 10) b. 1662, Engesæter, marr. 1693, Siri Iversdtr. Indre Brekke, b. ca. 1667, Brekke, d. 1737. Gullak died 1742.

889. Siri Iversdtr. Indre Brekke (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 10) b. ca. 1667, Brekke, d. 1737.

890. Claus Hermundsen b. 1668, Takle Indre, marr. Kari Johannesdtr. Asheim, b. 1685, Asheim, Oppedal, d. 1767. Claus died 1749.

891. Kari Johannesdtr. Asheim b. 1685, Asheim, Oppedal, d. 1767.

7. tipp-oldeforeldre

1540. Kolbein Iffuerson b. ca. 1600, Oppedal, marr. Mareta Josefsdtr., b. Midttachle. Kolbein bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25. Arvet sammen med kona del of Midttakle. Betalte odelsskatt 1645.

1541. Mareta Josefsdtr. b. Midttachle.

1664. Henrik Hermundsen, b. ca. 1600, Indre Takle, marr. Brita Nielsdtr.

1665. Brita Nielsdtr., b. 1604, Indre Takle.

1728. Elling Ellingsen d. 1772.

1736. Anders Monssen Tjugum, b. ca 1654, Tjugum, sheriff, marr. Brita Hansdtr. Mæland, b. ca. 1665. Anders died 1730, lived at Tjugum. 52 years old in 1701, farmer at: "Tyom and Grøneng".

1737. Brita Hansdtr. Mæland b. ca. 1665.

1738. Knut Erichsen Baarlaug marr. Inger Pedersdtr. Nesse.

1739. Inger Pedersdtr. Nesse.

1740. Torberg Mogensson Hjelseng b. ca. 1622, Hjelseng, yrke: husmann under Tjugum. I 1701 79 år og "Huusmann på Ødegaard under Esse".

1742. Hermund Nilsson Bruhjell b. ca 1641, marr. Dortea Olsdtr. Rendedal. Hermund died 1725, Bruhjell.

1743. Dortea Olsdtr. Rendedal.

1746. Bendik Iffuerson Yndesdal Gamle-Bendik marr. Brita Olsdtr. Yndisdal. Bendik died 1690, Yndesdal, bosted: Yndesdal. Ved sommertinget i Brendsdal 8/6-1686 står det i Tingboka for Y. Sogn: "- - Gamle- og unge-Bendik (naboen) var blitt uenige om noen slåttemark. På tinget kom de til enighet. Unge-Bendik var tilfreds med den slåttemark som han var blitt tillagt. De tok hinannen i hånden og lovet at de heretter ikke skulde trette om markeskill, hverken om åker eller eng, og den som brøt dette løfte skulde lide vedbørlig straff - -.

1747. Brita Olsdtr. Yndisdal.

1748. Claus Hansson Breche b. ca. 1620, Brekke, yrke: Leilending, marr. (1) Haldis Rasmusdtr., marr. (2) Brita Olsdtr.. Claus died 1680, Brekke, bosted: Fram-Brekke lpnr. 65. Kirkeverge 1655-69, medlem of matrikkelkommisjonen for Lavik tinglag 1666-57, lensmann i Lavik 1663-67. På høsttinget 19 okt. 1667 tok han avskjed som lensmann. Han ba almuen og futen om skussmål. "- - ingen vidste hannem noget uærligt at beskylde. De takked hannem godt". Stamfar til Henrik Wergeland og Johan Christian Dahl. Eier of bruket var enken Anne Jensdtr. i Bergen.

1749. Haldis Rasmusdtr.. Andre kone. Første var Brita Olsdtr.

1752. Lasse.

1758. Eiluff Madtzson Ytterbrecke b. ca. 1580, Brekke, bosted: Brekke Ytre lpnr. 68.

1760. Johannes Larsson b. 1633, Indre Oppedal, yrke: leilending 1666, marr. Anna Torkelsdtr., b. 1642, d. 1709. Johannes died 1717, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 18.

1761. Anna Torkelsdtr. b. 1642, d. 1709.

1762. Ivar Lasseson b. 1651, Oppedal, marr. Eli Mogensdtr. Wircheland, b. 1652, Verkland. Ivar died 1697, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 22.

1763. Eli Mogensdtr. Wircheland b. 1652, Verkland.

1764. Torstein Bottolvsen Fiorden b. 1621, Instefjord, marr. 1653, Ingrid Mogensdtr. Engesæter, b. ca. 1625, Engesæter. Torstein died 1695.

1765. Ingrid Mogensdtr. Engesæter b. ca. 1625, Engesæter.

1766. Iffuer (Ivar) Colbeinson Assemb b. 1634, Asheim, marr. Gjertrud Clausdtr. Assem, b. 1666?, Asheim, d. 1735, Setre. Iffuer died 1703, Setre, bosted: Setre lpnr. 30.

1767. Gjertrud Clausdtr. Assem b. 1666?, Asheim, d. 1735, Setre.

1768. Guttorm Colbeinson (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 10) b. 1624, Oppedal, d. 1705, bosted: Oppedal Indre lpnr. 24 og 25.

1770. Anders Larsson Oppedal b. 1640, Oppedal Indre, yrke: gårdbr., marr. Lisbet Guttormsdtr.. Anders died 1705, bosted: Oppedal.

1771. Lisbet Guttormsdtr. (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 9) marr. (1) Lasse Colbeinson, b. ca. 1670, Oppedal, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 25, marr. (2) Anders Larsson Oppedal, b. 1640, Oppedal Indre, yrke: gårdbr., d. 1705, bosted: Oppedal.

1780. Hermund Henriksen Takle.

1782. Johannes Nilsen Assem b. 1641, marr. (1) Brita Hermundsdtr. Takle, marr. (2) Mari Andersdtr. Nesje, b. 1641, Nesje, Bø, d. 1694, Assem.

1783. Brita Hermundsdtr. Takle.

8. tipp-oldeforeldre

3080. Iffuer Olleson Ind. Oppedal b. ca. 1580, Oppedal, marr. ? Iffuersdtr. Ind. Oppedal, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25. Iffuer bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25. Hadde bruket 1612-42. Da ble bruket delt i 2 like store deler lpnr. 22 og lpnr. 24 & 25.

3081. ? Iffuersdtr. Ind. Oppedal bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25.

3328. Hermund Linde, b. 1565, Linde, Kvamsøy, Balestrand, d. 1594, marr, "Mrs Hermundstad", b. ca. 1565.

3472. Mons Andersen Målsnes, b. 1624, Målsnes, Balestrand, sheriff, marr. Britta Nilsdtr. Tjugum, b. 1625, d. 1710. Mons died 1677, Tjugum. came to Tjugum ca 1650 and inherited the farm and proffesion after his father-in-law.

3473. Britta Nilsdtr. Tjugum b. 1625, d. 1710.

3474. Hans Monsen Mæland b. 1626, Mæland, Balestrand, d. 1708. 68 år gml. i 1701 og bonde "Melland".

3484. Nils Samsonson Tjugum b. Tjugum, yrke: lensmann i 1647, marr. Gudrun Gautesdtr. Dahl, b. Valen, Sunnhordland. Nils died 1647, Tjugum. Bosted Tjugum, nevnt 1612 og 1641, skifte 1648.

3485. Gudrun Gautesdtr. Dahl b. Valen, Sunnhordland.

3492. Iffuer Yndesdal marr. Ingeborg Yndesdal. Iffuer died 1644, Yndesdal, bosted: Yndesdal lpnr. 46. Gård 1611-45.

3493. Ingeborg Yndesdal.

3496. Hans Breche b. ca. 1590, d. Brekke, bosted: Brekke. Leilending på bruk 65 1612-1642.

3516. Madtz (Chrestenson) Ytterbrecke b. ca. 1560, Brekke, yrke: gårdbruker, marr. ? Jensdtr. Ytterbrecke, b. Brekke. Madtz bosted: Brekke Ytre lpnr. 67 og 68.

3517. ? Jensdtr. Ytterbrecke b. Brekke.

3520. Lauritz (Lars) Johannesson b. ca. 1610, Indre Oppedal, yrke: leilending 1636, marr. Karen Pedersdtr.. Lauritz died 1670, bosted: Indre Oppedal, gnr. 47 lpnr. 18. Ikke sikkert at Johannes Larsson er hans sønn.

3521. Karen Pedersdtr..

3524. Lasse Iffuerson b. Oppedal, marr. Siri Torbensdtr., b. Østerbø?. Lasse died ca. 1665, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 22. Fikk en halvpart of farens bruk (lpnr. 22).

3525. Siri Torbensdtr. b. Østerbø?.

3526. Mogens Olson Wirckeland b. 1607, Verkland, d. 1700, bur.: 28 JAN 1701, Verkland, bosted: Verkland lpnr. 50 & 51. Hadde bruket til 1666. Da ble det delt i 2 like store deler 50 og 51. Lagrettemann 14/10-1670 og 28/11-74. Sønnen Rognald Mogensen bodde i Ådnekvammen i Masfjord. Han fortalte at faren var gift 3 ganger. Med første kone hadde han 15 barn. Med sin andre 5 barn og med tredje 15 barn, i alt 35 barn. 14 barn er kjent. Tredje kone var Mildrid Olsdtr. b. 1638, d. 1720.

3528. Bottolf i Fiorden b. ca. 1600, yrke: Leilending ca. 1608-28, marr. Ragnhild Knutsdtr..

3529. Ragnhild Knutsdtr..

3530. Mogens Engesæter b. ca. 1610, yrke: Leilending 1635-59, marr. Randi Henriksdtr.. Mogens bosted: Engesæter.

3531. Randi Henriksdtr..

3532. Kolbein Gunderson Assemb b. ca. 1610, Asheim, marr. Guri Guttormsdtr. Yt. Oppedal, b. Yt. Oppedal. Kolbein bosted: Asheim lpnr. 36 & 37. Lagrettemann 1653-75, lensmann i Lavik tinglag 1653-1662 og medlem of matrikkelkommisjonen for Lavik 1666.

3533. Guri Guttormsdtr. Yt. Oppedal b. Yt. Oppedal.

3534. Claus Thoreson Assemb b. 1622, Asheim, marr. Anna Olsdtr., b. 1640, d. 1700, Asheim. Claus died 1705, bosted: Asheim lpnr. 33. Lagrettemedlem 1664, 1667-70 samt 1674 og 1680. Kirkeverge 1671-77. Ved et skifte på Sætre 1703 skriver sorenskr. om ham: " - - Tilstede var enkas far den forstandige Claus Assem."

3535. Anna Olsdtr. b. 1640, d. 1700, Asheim.

3540. Lauritz (Lars) Johannesson (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12) b. ca. 1610, Indre Oppedal, yrke: leilending 1636, marr. Karen Pedersdtr.. Lauritz died 1670, bosted: Indre Oppedal, gnr. 47 lpnr. 18.

3541. Karen Pedersdtr. (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12).

9. tipp-oldeforeldre

6160. Olluf Mogenson b. ca. 1560, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24, 25 og 20. Lensmann i Lavik skiprede, tinglag 1600-14. Hadde bruk i 1590-1612.

6162. Iffuer b. ca. 1530, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25. Hadde bruket fra 1563 til ca. 1590.

6944. Anders Andersson Skåsheim b. ca 1600, Målsnes, yrke: lensmann i Kvamsøy, marr. Maren Torsteinsdtr., b. Skåsheim?. Anders died 1660, Målsnes.

6945. Maren Torsteinsdtr. b. Skåsheim?.

6946. Nils Samsonson Tjugum (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12) b. Tjugum, yrke: lensmann i 1647, marr. Gudrun Gautesdtr. Dahl, b. Valen, Sunnhordland. Nils died 1647, Tjugum.

6947. Gudrun Gautesdtr. Dahl (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12) b. Valen, Sunnhordland.

6968. Samson Nilsson yrke: lensmann, d. 1612, bosted: Tjugum ca. 1600. marr.(2) med Inger, datter of Christopher Roerszue, d. 1626. Adelig til Sterri (Hafslo) 1591. Bodde i 1604-8 på Tjugum.

7032. Chresten Ytterbrecke b. ca. 1530, yrke: gårdbr., d. ca. 1600, Brekke Ytre, bosted: Ytre Brekke lpnr. 67. Betalte 2 rdl. odelskatt 1 1563 på lpnr. 67 samt bortbykslede eiendommer i Klævold.

7034. Jens po Ytre Brecke b. ca. 1530, bosted: Brekke Ytre lpnr. 68. Leide gården fra før 1563 til 1580. Betalte i 1563 2 lodd sølv eller 1 rdl. i skatt.

7040. Johannes Christopherson b. ca. 1580, yrke: leilending 1602, d. 1635, Oppedal Indre, bosted: Oppedal Indre Br. 18.

7048. Iffuer Olleson Ind. Oppedal (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12) b. ca. 1580, Oppedal, marr. ? Iffuersdtr. Ind. Oppedal, bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25. Iffuer bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25.

7049. ? Iffuersdtr. Ind. Oppedal (Personen finnes også foran i generasjon nr. 12) bosted: Indre Oppedal lpnr. 24 og 25.

7060. Unknown marr. Ingeborg Engesæter, b. før 1600, yrke: Styrte bruket ca 1621-35., bosted: Engesæter. Unknown died før 1621.

7061. Ingeborg Engesæter b. før 1600, yrke: Styrte bruket ca 1621-35., bosted: Engesæter.

7064. Gunder Colbeinson Assemb b. ca. 1580, Asheim, bosted: Asheim lpnr. 36 & 37. Hadde bruket 1613-44. Anne Jensdtr. i Bergen var eier 1648.

7066. Guttorm Siffuordson Oppedal b. ca. 1580, marr. Karen Paulsdtr.. Guttorm died 1639, bosted: Oppedal Ytre lpnr. 26. Odelsbonde og lensmann i Lavik tinglag 1614-24. Hadde gården ca. 1601-39.

7067. Karen Paulsdtr.. Hun eide bruk i Ness i Gulen. Styrte gården son enke i 1639.

7068. Tore Clausson Assemb b. ca. 1590, marr. Gjertrud Lassesdtr.. Tore bosted: Asheim lpnr. 33 & 34. Hadde bruket 1621-55. Da ble bruket delt og han hadde lpnr. 34 til 1676.

7069. Gjertrud Lassesdtr.. Hennes bror Knut hadde bruket 1611-1621.

10. tipp-oldeforeldre

13936. Nils Jensson Sembling b. Semeleng, Slidre, Valdres, yrke: Lagmann 1558 Stavanger, bosted: Stavanger. muligens gift med en datter of Gaute Ivarson til Valen (Valo) i Sunnhordaland. Pålagt å møte i København til kong Fredrik II's kroning.

14132. Siffuordt i Opdall b. ca. 1540, bosted: Ytre Oppdal lpnr. 26. Hadde bruket ca. 1563-1600. Betalte 1 rdl. skatt ved skattemantallet i 1563.

11. tipp-oldeforeldre

27872. Jens (Iøns) Andersson bosted: bosted 1520: Sogn (gård ikke kjent). Seilte i 1520 til Tunes, Måsøya i Finnmark, bodde 1521 i Tweness (Finnmark). I 1522 oppgir skattelister at han bodde i Vik skiprede. Eide deler of Semeleng i Valdres, Tandle og Tjugum i Sogn, samt en bygård i med kålhage i Bergen. Adelig i 1480, arv etter Torstein Arnfinnsson Soop. marr. med kvinne of Valo-ætten.

12. tipp-oldeforeldre

55744. Anders Jensson yrke: lagrettemann i Sogn 1480, marr. før 1484, Gudrid Fartegnsdtr.. Leide 11/5-1484 ut sin grunn og tomt som bakerhuset står på, med en kålhage, ved Bryggesporen i Bergen til 3 tyske kjøpmenn for 4 gylden årlig for seg og sine arvinger.

55745. Gudrid Fartegnsdtr..

13. tipp-oldeforeldre

111490. Farteign Filippuson b. ca. 1400, marr. Magnhild Jogrimsdtr.. nevnes i brev of 1415 og 1424. Bodde muligens på Semeleng fra 1429-1451/60.

111491. Magnhild Jogrimsdtr..

14. tipp-oldeforeldre

222980. Fhilippus Fartegnsson b. ca. 1350, marr. ca. 1400, Gyrid Sigurdsdtr.. gift med Gyrid Sigurdsdtr.. Nevnes i brev 1411 og 1415. Hadde en bror Frederick.

222981. Gyrid Sigurdsdtr..

222982. Jogrim Audunsson yrke: lagmann i Bergen 1431.

15. tipp-oldeforeldre

445960. Fartegn Filippusson b. ca. 1310, Osland, marr. _____ Fredriksdtr.. Fartegn died after 1375.

445961. _____ Fredriksdtr..

16. tipp-oldeforeldre

891920. Filippus Erlendson Odinsland b. ca. 1285, Osland, marr. Ingebjørg Erlendsdtr., b. ca. 1290, Losna ?, d. 1332, Osland. Filippus bosted: Odensland, nevnt 1338. Fikk i 1332 tildømt "fjerdings og tiendegave" etter kona. Også nevnt 1315-16. Muligens også en sønn Samson Filippusson (eier of Samsongård i Bergen, nevnt 1370 og 1398, ved Skreddergaten, muligens samme eiendom nevnt i 1484 ved Skredderstredet, Korskirkens sogn). En annen etterkommer Samson Filippusson var medlem of Norges rikes råd i 1444 og died på gården Øye i Ryfylket.

891921. Ingebjørg Erlendsdtr. b. ca. 1290, Losna ?, d. 1332, Osland.

17. tipp-oldeforeldre 

1729568.       Erlend Filippusson bosted: Losna, nevnt 1332.  (Etter P. A. Munch, men også mulig at Erlend Arnesson var far til Ingebjørg Erlendsdtr.).

18. tipp-oldeforeldre 

3459136.       Filippus Erlendsson . (Også mulig at Arne Erlendson var far til Erlend Arnesson).

                                                                                             19. tipp-oldeforeldre

6918272.       Erlend Arnesson

                                                                                            20. tipp-oldeforeldre 

13836544.     Arne Jonsson b. ca. 1175, marr. Solveig Gamalsdotter , b. Velle.  Arne died ca. 1220 at: Korsbrekke.  (After P. Ab. Munch: "Det norske folks historie" and "Sunnmørsættlegga" ca. 1250 ). 

13836545.     Solveig Gamalsdotter b. Velle. 

                                                                                              21. tipp-oldeforeldre 

27673088.     Jon Asgautsson b. Sylte, marr. Sigrid Kollbjørnsdtr., b. Grefstad.  Jon died ca. 1125. 

27673089.     Sigrid Kollbjørnsdtr., b. Grefstad.    

                                               Ancestors of Sigrid Kollbjoernsdtr.

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   Church books. Census 1801, 1865, 1875,1900. Mormon church resear

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