Ringereide farm in Lavik, Sogn, Norway
Anders Ringereide's Family at a Christmas party in Lavik around 1911.
Christmas greetings being studied.      Photo by Ludvig Trædal

From left: Anna Østerbø and husband Anders Monssen Ringereide, Alis Andersdaughter Ringereide,
Mons Anderssen Ringereide and wife Marie Østerbø, Ragnhild Trædal
(the wife of Ludvig Trædal).
Standing in the back: Ingeborg Andersdaughter Ringereide.
Anders and Anna both died in 1915.

Mons Anderssen Ringereide (1868-1945) was a cousin of Georg Jørgensen Ringereide.
Descendants of Anders Torkelsen Ringereide:

1.	Anders Torkelsen b. 1752, Oppedal Indre, (son of Torkel Ivarson Oppedal and Brita Monsdtr. Østerbø) m. 1776, Orloug Olsdtr. Wirchland,
        b. 1753, Verkland, (daughter of Ola Jonson Wirchland and Brita Halvorsdtr. Fjeldsende) d. 1814,  Ringereide.
       Anders died 1821, burried: 24 AUG 1821, Ringereide. As newly married they moved to Ringereide in Lavik where he bought
       the "sorenskriver" estate with a large forest for 680 riksdaler. He was appointed "lensmann" of  "Lavik tinglag" on the 9 July 1787.
2.    i   Anders Anderssen b. 1781. 
3.   ii   Brita d. e. Andersdtr. b. 1783.
4.   iii  Nils Andersen b. 1795. 
                                                                     2. Generation

2.	Anders Anderssen Ringereide b. 1781, Ringereide, m. 1806, Kari Monsdtr. Østerbø, b. 1782, (daughter of Mons Nilsen Østerbø and 
        Haldis Andersdtr. Hovland) d. 1861, Ringereide.  Anders died 1821, Ringereide,  Ringereide br. 2.
        Died by wreckage in 1821, 39 years old. "Lensmann" in Lavik 1818-21.
	  	5.	i	Mons Anderssen b. 1808.

3.	Brita d. e. Andersdtr. Ringereide b. 1783, m. 1805, Nils Monssen Østerbø, b. 1777, Østerbø,
        (son of Mons Nilsen Østerbø and Haldis Andersdtr. Hovland) d. 1819,  Østerbø, Br. 1.  Brita died 1818.
	  	6.	i	Torkjel Nilssen b. 1806.
	 	  	ii	Marit Nilsdtr. Østerbø b. 1808, Østerbø, d. 1810.
	 	  	iii	Mons Nilsen Østerbø b. 1811, Østerbø,  Rå.
	 	  	iv	Else Nilsdtr. Østerbø b. 1812, Østerbø, d. 1850, Brekken.  Marr. to Hans Birgesen Brekken. No children.

4.	Nils Andersen Ringereide b. 1795, Ringereide, m. 1820, Alis Halvardsdtr. Wergeland, b. 1797, d. 1833, Ringereide.  Nils died 1824, Ringereide br. 1.
	  	7.	i	Andrine Nilsdtr. b. 1821.

                                   3. Generation

5.	Mons Anderssen Ringereide b. 1808, Ringereide, m. 1834, Christine Marie Johannesdtr. Massnes, b. 1812, d. 1896, Ringereide.
                               Mons died 1888, Ringereide br. 2.
               i	    Anders Monssen Ringereide b. 1837, Ringereide, m. (1) 1868, Alis Jørgensdtr. Ringereide, b. 1841, Ringereide,  
                                         (daughter of Jørgen Colbensen Værholm and Andrine Nilsdtr. Ringereide) d. 1876, Ringereide, m. (2) 1878, 
                                        Anne Torkelsdtr. Østerbø, b. 1843, Østerbø,  (daughter of Torkjel Nilssen Østerbø and
                                        Ingeborg Einarsdtr. Torvund) d. 08 Nov. 1915, Ringereide, burried: 15 NOV 1915.  Anders died 1915, Ringereide br. 2.
6.	Torkjel Nilssen Østerbø b. 1806, Østerbø, m. 1826, Ingeborg Einarsdtr. Torvund, b. 1805, (daughter of Einar Paulsen Mjelleli and 
        Anna Andersdtr. Løbø) d. 1895,  Torvund Indre.  Torkjel died 1869, Østerbø,  Østerbø, Br. 1.
        i	Nils Torkjelsen Østerbø b. 1827, Østerbø, m. 1854, Anna Endresdtr. Rå, b. 1833, Rå, d. 1913, Østerbø.  Nils died 1917, Østerbø, Br. 1.
       ii	Einar Torkelsen Østerbø b. 1830, Østerbø.
      iii	Brita Torkelsdtr. Østerbø b. 1832/33, Østerbø, m. 24 JUN 1856, Torkjell Lassesen Trædal, b. 10 JAN 1828, Trædal, (son of Lasse Nilssen 
                                Trædal ("Store-Lassen") and Else Torkelsdtr. Oppedal) d. 8 MAI 1897, Trædal, burried: 15 MAI 1897. Brita died 1878, Trædal.
      iv	Mons Torkelsen Østerbø b. 1835, Østerbø.
      v	Anders Torkelsen Østerbø b. 1838, Østerbø, d. Aalesund, unmarr..
     vi	Mons Torkelsen Østerbø b. 1841, Østerbø, d. 1928, Østerbø, unmarr..
   vii	Anne Torkelsdtr. Østerbø b. 11 SEP 1843, Østerbø, m. 1878, Anders Monssen Ringereide, b. 1837, Ringereide, (son of Mons
                                Anderssen Ringereide and Christine Marie Johannesdtr. Massnes) d. 1915, Ringereide br. 2.  Anne died 08 NOV 1915, 
                                Ringereide, gravlagt: 15 NOV 1915.  (Marr. to father of  Mons Anderssen Ringereide).

The daughters of  Anders Monssen Ringereide. From left: ?,  Ingeborg (b. 1885), 2. wife Anna, Andrine (b. 1875),  Alis (b.1882), Brita (b. 1887)

    viii	Gjertrud Torkelsdtr. Østerbø b. 24 JUL 1846, Østerbø, m. 18 APR 1870, Sjur Lassesen Trædal, b. 14 APR 1844, Trædal, (son of Lasse Nilssen Trædal ("Store-Lassen")
                               and Else Torkelsdtr. Oppedal) d. 9 FEB 1929, Oslo, burried: 14 FEB 1929, Oslo.  Gjertrud died 17 JUN 1902, Oslo, burried: 21 JUN 1902.
      ix	Marie Torkelsdtr. Østerbø  ("Marimoster") b. 10 JAN 1849, Østerbø, m. 1890, Mons Anderssen Ringereide, b. 27 NOV 1868, Ringereide,
                                (son of Anders Monssen Ringereide and Alis Jørgensdtr. Ringereide) d. 12 MAI 1945, Ringereide, burried: 18 MAI 1945, Lavik churchyard. 
                                Marie died 04 DES 1944, Ringereide, burried: 11 DES 1944, Lavik churchyard.  All 3 children died in childhood.

7.	Andrine Nilsdtr. Ringereide b. 1821, Ringereide, m. Jørgen Colbensen Værholm, b. 1816, Værholm, (son of Colben Jørgensen and Ingeborg Jørgensdtr. Brensdal)
        d. 1898, Ringereide br. 1.  Andrine died 1900, Ringereide.
      i	Alis Jørgensdtr. Ringereide b. 1841, Ringereide, m. 1868, Anders Monssen Ringereide, b. 1837, Ringereide, (son of Mons Anderssen Ringereide and
                                Christine Marie Johannesdtr. Massnes) d. 1915, Ringereide br. 2.  Alis died 1876, Ringereide.
    ii	Andrias Jørgensen Ringereide b. 1852, Ringereide, m. 1885, Monsine Olsdtr. Myren.  Andrias died 1913, Østerbø br. 10.
   iii	Nils Jørgensen Ringereide b. 1843, Ringereide, m. (1) Randi Monsdtr. Oppedal, b. 1848, m. (2) Gjertrud Monsdtr. Opedal, b. Opedal in Gulen.
   iv	Mons Olai Jørgensen Ringereide b. 1863, Ringereide, m. 1894, Trine Abrahamsdtr. Våge, b. 1867, Askvoll.. Trine: Mother Maren Waage, b. 1842, Askvoll prestegj.

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